July and August NEWSLETTER

July was a busy month for our club and its membership. Cruising, vacationing, and attending regattas is keeping everyone busy.  Has anyone noticed that this newsletter is both late and early?  The good news is much of the planning early in the season has made for a worry free summer.  Several issues have crept up like L mark sinking, or the lake filling up, and which direction to head to get some relief from the summer’s heat. 


While having a non sailboat racing weekend with my 7 year old son Ryan, I spoke with Ron Toivonen, who was off on a weekend cruise to Geneva. I played catch with a football Ryan spied floating in the river with the Blue Streak bunch. Taught Ryan how to land an inflatable on the beach right side up. Later that day, the Wild Things crew was taking their second group of guests sailing who had won a sailing outing at a benefit.  It appears the newly painted deck held up well to two power washes that weekend. The Christians were seen enjoying their campsite with stone fire pit, very nice. Final thoughts on that weekend, never leave a child with popcorn and a fan while you run up to brush your teeth for the evening.  At the CYC Regatta last weekend, we were still finding cut kernels of the popped then chopped popcorn variety in several of our spinnaker hoists.   


The club also unfortunately had another ladder accident, this time Dale Hollingsworth broke his heel while disembarking from a land locked Brigadier. We wish him a speedy recovery.  


Regatta Chair Louise Mills held a regatta organization meeting on Thursday July 14 to start planning for our big regatta.  Please do not wait to be asked to help our club run this regatta.  There is something everyone can do to help the club with this regatta.  A new event for this year which is being sponsored and run by Grand River Rigging & Supply’s very own Jon and Jim will be Hillbilly Horse shoes. An event they assure us will be a great addition and money maker for our club. 


If you won awards last year, and either forgot them or did not attend the awards banquet, they will be in the shed where the hot dogs are kept.  


There are still cruises to take, the Spring Sunday series to wrap up, weddings to be had, summer parties to go to and our regatta!


Good luck with your busy summer schedule!



Robert Mock